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Professor Ma

Professor Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma

Lynn H. Matthias Professor in Engineering
Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Zhenqiang Ma

Research Highlights

"High-performance green flexible electronics based on biodegradable cellulose nanofibril paper"
is featured in Nature Communications.
This work is also featured on the main pages of, College of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, in addition to more than 100 news stories worldwide.

"Compact UV lasers could identify substances from a distance"
is covered by College of Engineering.

see-through sensors
"See-through sensors open new window into the brain" is published in Nature Communications, and featured in Nature news.

Transfer-printed stacked nanomembrane lasers on silicon
"Fast flexible electronics with strained silicon nanomembrane" is featured in Nature Scientific Reports(2013), and selected as "Most read Top 11.

"Transfer-printed stacked nanomembrane lasers on silicon" is featured in Nature Photonics (2012), and selected as "Most download Top 3".
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